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Beaumont Veterinary Centre featuring Dr. Scott Nieves, is a full-service companion animal hospital.We provide surgical, dental and medical care for dogs and cats. We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and are dedicated to caring from your pet as we do our own. We also understand, that in our busy lives pet health care can become a difficult thing to get to when we are tending to our busy schedules. Your pets health is important to you and we have come up with a meshing of technology and medicine to assist you in caring for your pets health while not wrecking your schedule by introducing : Beaumont Veterinary Telemedicine!!!!
Our human medical counterparts have done this for some time now and are able to pratice certain aspects of medicine via skpe, videoconferencing and even email/picture correspondence. How many times have you had to cancel a meeting at work, get someone to pick up your children for you or interrupted countless other necessary activities to get your pet in for something that your veterinarian was not super serious. How would you like to do that visit for your office or better yet your home? If this appeals to you, download the App and let us give you some of your time back to you!!!